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Special Education Teacher (2014-2015) at McKinley-Brighton Elementary School buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

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Syracuse City School District
Job Description
The Syracuse City School District (SCSD) is setting a higher bar for students and staff alike, and doing more than ever to help them reach it. We serve a richly diverse student body - our students speak over 70 languages, and 4 in 5 are low-income - and we believe every single student deserves a vibrant education. That's why we're going all in to make Syracuse the most-improved urban district in America. It won't be easy, but it's exciting. If you're energized by our ambitious goals, and by the challenge of charting a new future for Syracuse, join us. Learn more at .
Reporting to the principal, the teacher ensures that all their students achieve ambitious academic outcomes. The teacher must effectively:
Plan data-driven, standards-aligned and differentiated units, lessons and activities;
Deliver clear, accurate and rigorous lessons with a range of instructional and formative assessment techniques;
Establish and maintain a supportive, productive and positive learning environment with strong classroom management practices; and
Monitor and communicate about student progress while engaging in continuous reflection, adjustment and professional development.
_Specific Duties_
Collect student data and use data to inform class- and group-level planning; set short- and long-term goals for individual students; use data to determine individual students'' progress toward mastery of lesson objectives.
Design lesson plans that align with the district''s curriculum and pacing guides; plan appropriately scaffolded and rigorous instructional activities that allow students to meet the objective at the level of thinking it requires.
Differentiate planning for subgroups of students based on data; plan for the use of varied instructional strategies that are effective in increasing student understanding of the learning target; appropriately differentiate grade-level texts and materials in a way that enables all students to reach mastery of the objective.
Present content that is accurate, clear, and aligned to the objective; make explicit and meaningful connections between current and prior learning; and make connections between current learning and real-life application that push student learning.
Use and model academic vocabulary that is essential to the discipline; give students opportunities to use available learning tools to enhance student learning; appropriately balance building procedural fluency or background knowledge with deep conceptual knowledge; provide tasks that are appropriately complex for each student.
Ask appropriately complex questions that require evidence-based answers; provide varied and appropriate opportunities for students to explain their thinking and defend their claims to their peers; require students to answer questions that are related to the objective and scaffolded appropriately to increase rigor throughout the lesson.
Clearly communicate objectives and connect them to standards; clearly model what is require for mastery of objectives; utilize checks for understanding that yield usable information that allows monitoring progress toward mastery; provide quality academic feedback so that students understand the gaps in their knowledge or performance; ensure students know and can articulate their own progress toward short- and long-term goals.
Creating a Learning Environment
Demonstrate high expectations for all students; demonstrate positive rapport with all students; encourage all students to take on challenges or academic risks; implement systems that encourage positive relationships, teamwork and conflict management among students.
Create an environment where students are aware of and follow behavioral expectations, needing few, if any, reminders; redirect off-task behavior in a manner that solves the issue and has a minimal negative impact on instructional time; implement routines and procedures that run smoothly with teacher direction; execute orderly, efficient and systematic transitions.
Analysis and Adjustment
Appropriately recommend students for tiered interventions; develop intervention plans and/or ensure that intervention plans are implemented to meet student needs; communicate with families regarding student progress in a proactive manner.
Regularly participate in data analysis conversations with colleagues; use data to reflect on strengths, weaknesses and the success of one's teaching; actively participate in professional development and incorporate new learning into teaching practice.
The Teacher will perform additional related duties as required.
Strong belief that all students can learn at high levels
Thorough knowledge of and relentless commitment to closing achievement gaps
Demonstrated willingness to put the interests of students above all others
Interest in actively contributing to a school- and district-wide culture of high expectations
Evidence of commitment to serving urban students, schools or communities
Ability to adapt seamlessly amidst the complexities of the urban school environment
Knowledge of best practices for _Planning, Instruction, Creating a Learning Environment, and Analysis and Adjustment_
Knowledge of current trends in education policy and research, including Common Core standards, comprehensive assessment systems and data-driven instruction
_ Preferred: _Proven experience accelerating measurable student learning in urban schools
_ Preferred: _Minimum of two years' successful classroom teaching experience
_State Requirement:_ All candidates must possess or qualify to obtain, by the first date of employment, New York State teacher certification applicable to this subject area. This requires at least a Bachelor's degree. Licensed teachers from other states may qualify for reciprocity.
Job Title: Special Education Teacher (2014-2015) at McKinley-Brighton Elementary School
District Name: Syracuse City School District
Certification(s)/Licensure(s) required: Students With Disabilities (Grades 1-6)
Apply for job: SYRACUSE CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT. 725 HARRISON ST, SYRACUSE, New York, 13210 - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist